MindBlown: New Beginnings

MindBlown: New Beginnings

Following up from our successful 2012 we are currently in the process of putting together our new Stage Show for 2013.

For the past 4 months since the Adelaide Fringe, Seb has been performing all around Adelaide, Tom has completed his accreditation in Hypnotism and Matt has been writing, designing and developing our new show.

Starting at the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013 we will begin our biggest piece of work yet.

Matt as the Stage Mentalist.

Seb with some stunning Stage Technology Magic.

And, introducing the newest member of our group – Australian Magician of the Year – Shahin Zareei who will entertain on stage with incredible close-up magic like you have never seen before.

It will be the biggest. It will be the best.

Stay tuned.

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