Isaac Lomman – Adelaide Stage Hypnotist

Isaac Lomman – Adelaide Stage Hypnotist
Isaac Lomman Hypnotist

Adelaide Stage Hypnotist

Isaac Lomman comes a natural flair for entertaining and a pure love for hypnotism, Isaac enjoys inducing this wonderful trance like state in his volunteers so they can experience this great phenomenon we call hypnosis.

Isaac Lomman enjoys every moment of what does, he finds his job on stage always holds interesting surprises as each volunteer responds to hypnosis differently.

You will fall in love with this mystic art form and find it’s actually a natural psychological process that we can all use as a powerful tool for self development and growth and of course, in the right hands, a unique and hilarious form of entertainment!

You can expect laughter. You can expect amazement. You can expect an experience that the audience will never forget!

Here’s why: the show is based on audience participation. That means volunteers from the audience become the stars of the show. As their friends, colleagues and family in the audience wait with baited breath to see what twists and turns await them on stage, you can be sure of a fully immersive entertainment experience for all.

If you want fun, hilarity and the adventure of the unexpected – Isaac Lomman’s Hypnotism is just for you!